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Where Do You Train?


NorthStar Sports is the elite facility for Athlete Performance Training. Offering programs for athletes of all ages [Youth, High School, Collegiate Athletes, Professionals & ‘Train4Life’ Adults]. Our unique training style transcends the generic labels of ‘speed training‘, ‘strength training‘, ‘plyometrics‘, ‘resistance‘ or ‘sport specific training‘. We work to combine all of the essential elements of elevating athletic performance into PERFORMANCE TRAINING programs that have transformed the landscape of athletics around the country.

NorthStar Sports now has three state of the art facilities, nationally.

  • Poughkeepsie, NY [Dutchess/ Ulster County]
  • Orange County, NY [New Windsor]
  • Brewster, NY [Putnam, Westchester, West Conn.]

Who Will Benefit?

No matter if you’re a youth level athlete just starting out, you’re striving to make JV, working for that coveted spot on Varsity, been through the recruiting process and are getting ready to take that step into college athletics, or if you’re preparing for your rookie or veteran season in your dream job as a professional player, we have the program for you!

Not All Trainers

Are Created Equal

Creating an athlete is a process. We must teach them how to train with a method, how to fuel like an athlete and how to rest and recover for maximal gains.

What Is “It”

‘IT’ is an athlete’s plan to achieve their best season yet, to move up a level, to cement their place on a team, or better yet to achieve that dream job of becoming a professional athlete.

What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about what NSS provided to you?

“I never expected to make the connections with myself and the other people I met here when I started. I always assumed it was another training facility, made for athletes. I was wrong. Northstar is for everyone, young, old, athlete, retired, really anyone. The people you work with impact you, and the work you put in impacts you, all positively. I am constantly provided with something that motivates me and pushes me to reach for my goals, to make goals, is there in good times and the bad. I do not know where I would be without it today.”

Kendra Graham, D1 Swimmer University of Rhode Island 

What was your main concern that would have prevented you from coming to NSS and what put your fears to rest?

“At first I was very intimidated that I would not be good enough/get my butt whooped. I soon realized that I’ll still get my butt whooped, but the trainers helped me believe in myself when faced with mental/emotional/physical challenges.”

Megan Theiller, D1 Volleyball Fairfield University

What is life like now that you have experienced NSS?

“I’m happier than I ever been and motivated to not only achieve my goals but make an Impact on the others around me “

Mike Pascoe , Pitcher Toronto Blue Jays Organization

Beyond Sports

NorthStar Sports has teamed up with Beyond Sports to help deliver elite performance training to the female athletes participating in Beyond Sport’s GLASS. GLASS, which stands for the Girls Leadership Academy for Service & Sport, is a premier international sports program for high school athletes.

Get Started

GLASS will host students in Costa Rica for 8 and 10-day sessions during the spring and
summer of 2019.

Visit the GLASS website for additional information.


Jasmine North
Main Phone: (845) 462-2434
Email: northstarsports1@gmail.com

Beyond Sports



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Elite Athlete Performance Training

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