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Performance Training Methods

Our Professional Performance Trainers have a three fold attack in their education process and must become a Proactive Therapist, a Nutritional Practitioner, and a Crossover Training Professional in order to receive the privilege of working with our athletes.

Proactive Therapist

All athletes must understand the importance of conducting a Neuromusculoskeletal Reset in order to avoid the Cumulative Injury Cycle and all the dysfunction and movement issues that follow.

Repetitive movement is part of being an athlete. Mastering that movement is essential to victory. In order to properly train a Proactive Therapist ensures that the preparation before training has primed the body for movement without inflammation, injury or counter productive movement schemes, allowing the gains to come without dysfunction.

The Proactive Therapist also understands to set the athlete’s thought process towards recovery, which will allow the athlete to come back and train the following day with a body that is ready to go.

Crossover Training Pro

Our Training Professionals not only understand how to train athletes but they understand how to crossover the exercises and drills directly to their sport.

A Crossover Training Professional understands the athlete’s positional needs and the vocabulary of their sport making the training seamless to the game they play. What makes our trainers special is they understand that the athlete also needs to be competitive in nature, coachable and a team player. A Crossover Training Professional brings these intangibles to every session to ensure an athlete understands performance is not just about personal skill but how well they respond to coaching and pressure of competition. Our Crossover Training Professionals also make the time outside of training to attend games or competitions to see our athletes live in action.

Nutritional Practitioner

At NSS our Athlete Nutrition Practitioner understands the nutritional factors of timing, pairing, source and quantity to help our athletes maximize their recovery through a tailored eating program. Our athletes work closely with our Nutritional Practitioner to perfect these nutritional factors, to not only become a the athlete they are capable of, but proficient in the kitchen too! Our facility houses a full service Marketplace for cooking lessons, groceries and seasonally prepared foods.


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