Performance Training

Why ‘IT’ Works

Performance Training differs from fitness training, personal training, group fitness or even boot camps.
First and foremost you are being trained by Performance Professionals who are guided by the 12 Athletic Aspects that make up a true athlete.

There is no guessing game. Being prepared as an athlete requires eliminating limitations, while preventing the over development of any strengths. NSS Performance training results in a well rounded athlete, who is resistant to injuries, steers away from declines in performance and prevents over-training [which so prevalent in uneducated training programs].

The Science

Our Performance Professionals use the scientific method to ensure your success. We follow an evaluation process that provides real time metrics for all 12 Athletic Aspects. This allows us to create a program based on your strengths and weaknesses. A mid progression check provides opportunities for adjustment and re-evaluation at the end of your program shows the progress made.


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Elite Athlete Performance Training

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