At NorthStar Sports  we encourage youth athletes to come work with us on the fundamentals of movement and on proper training techniques.  Training programs are designed by our professional training staff including our owner and  NASM Youth Exercise Specialist, Jerry North.

We take special care with the young athletes when it comes to training technique and mentality, because for many, this is their first athletic experience outside of actual competition.  It is important that they not be polluted by improper technique that will simply set them up for a future of preventable athletic injuries (muscle pulls, joint issues, back pain, etc.)

We feel that at this age the most important things we can work on are proper running technique, strength in terms of being able to hold their own body weight, flexibility, core muscle strength to create a strong base (without a strong foundation the house will crumble) and a solid conditioning base to allow them to physically  perform in their sport without cardiovascular limitations.


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