• How do I get started?
Please download the ‘NorthStar Sports’ App on your phone or tablet (available in the Apple Store and Google Play store).  Once the App is downloaded, create an account and login. 
Call to have your account credited with a FREE TRIAL SESSION (845-462-2434). 
This is a free, no obligation evaluation workout giving our staff the  opportunity to work with the athlete to develop the best possible training protocols for the individual. Through a standard athlete assessment workout, our staff will identify strengths & weaknesses and align our process with the athlete’s personal goals.  After the assessment, we will schedule your orientaion session which will outlone the numerous training package options, use of our goal tracking App as well as training schedule availability.  

• What are your hours?
Morning sessions begin at 5:00AM Monday – Friday finishing at 11:00AM.  We then reopen for the day with sessions beginning at 1:00PM – 8:15PM.   
Saturday morning sessions are 8:30AM – 10:30AM.

• How many trainers will I work with?
You will always work with at least one trainer in your training session.    

• What is the team discount?
The team discount is designed to give groups of athletes (usually on the same team and around the same age) the opportunity to use their performance training time as team building while earning a group discount at the same time.  These packages are locked into their desired schedule without the option of rescheduled or make-up sessions.

• What are the requirements for receiving the team discount?
The group must be 5 or more individuals and they must all come together on a fixed schedule. There are no make-ups and payment is required up front.

• How do I schedule appointments once I sign up for a package?
The NorthStar Sports App allows you to view the full NSS training schedule.  Once payment is recieved and your account is active, simply click your desired time and book the session.  You also have the option to book multiple session if a regularly rolling schedule is desirable to you. 

• Can I reschedule sessions?
Yes, (except for team rate groups) all sessions can be rescheduled as long as 24 hour notice is given. Sorry, but there are no exceptions to this policy.  Each session has a maximum attendance of 12 athletes, the 24 hr. policy allows another athlete to schedule that slot if you won’t be able to make it. 

• Will I always be with the same trainer?
You will work with all of our trainers throughout your training program. We do this to ensure a well-rounded performance program and allow each trainer to work with you in their area of expertise. 

• How early should I get there?
Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled time so that you are ready to go promptly on the hour. Athletes arriving late disrupt the flow of the warm-up. The warm-up is crucial to achieving gains in our program and in your performance. Thank you for your cooperation!

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