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NSS Trainers Earn New Licenses & Specializations

The Northeast’s most dynamic training staff is not satisfied resting on our laurels.  Our trainers continue to evolve through upgraded licenses, certifications and specializations to continue offering you the most complete training experience, ANYWHERE! 

GRAND OPENING | Zoe’s Marketplace

ZMP | Poughkeepsie The Hudson Valley’s 1st True Source of  Re·stor·a·tive Nu·tri·tion /rəˈstôrədiv/ /n(y)o͞oˈtriSH(ə)n/nounthe process of educating and supplying nourishment in a fashion that is not new or cutting edge, but instead fuels a high performance lifestyle through timeless principles of permaculture, stewardship and lost culinary arts that are as old as human existence.