Training Packages

Performance Training

Monthly Unlimited Sessions

6-Month Commitment
$89.00/ mo.
(Recurring credit card payment)

3-Month Commitment
(Recurring credit card payment)

1-Month Unlimited Training
(Cash, Check or Credit Card)

*cancelation of a multi-month commitment will require an agreement buy-out

Flexible Per Session Package

12 sessions: $360.00
(Expire after 6 months)

*Multi-Month Unlimited package recommended for all serious athletes.

Athlete Performance: Unlimited Flexible Packages

Our unlimited and flexible packages are the cornerstone of NorthStar Sports’ training program; working to maximize each athlete’s gains in overall athletic performance.

Our Performance Fundamentals Packages provide the foundation for athletic movement and enhanced competitive performance. These sessions are designed to improve all components of athletic performance.

Based on the NorthStar Sports Evaluation, athletes will be scheduled in small training groups, within a flexible performance package.  

Training sessions are 75 minutes and recommended 2-3 times per week.  Specific training protocols and recommendations will be determined following the evaluation based on the unique athletic needs of each individual athlete. Custom packages are available by request.

Private Training

$60.00 per session

Private Training: Performance Specific

Private training offers an athlete the opportunity to break away from the competitive group setting to work on a specifically identified athletic limitation, rehabilitate a nagging injury, or master specific athletic skill(s) or movement(s).

Body Work (Massage Therapy)

$60.00 1 Hour Session

$40.00 30 Minute Session

Body Work: Massage Therapy for the Functional Athlete

Training for peak performance and competing at the highest level requires regular maintenance.
“Even a Lamborghini needs an oil change every 3,000 miles.” <jb
When our 15 minute warmup (roll, flex, move) doesn’t get deep enough, a session with our Licenced Massage Therapist (LMT) certainly will.  With a focus on the functional movement patterns used throughout your NSS Training Program, our in-house LMT will not only address the sore spots, but find the source and get you back on the training floor or field of play within a few sessions! 

Team Training Packages

8 weeks (you set the days)
8-12 Athletes: $250.00
13+ Athletes:: $225.00
12 weeks (you set the days)
8-12 Athletes: $350.00
13+ Athletes:  $300.00

Team Training Discount

Team training offers players, coaches or team parents the opportunity to organize their team or portion of their team to train together as a group on a fixed training schedule. This structure is a great way for your group to clear a training slot and use the NorthStar experience to build your team bond through the rigors of off-season training.

Only five (5) athletes are required to take advantage of the Team Training Structure.  This training package does not offer the flexibility of cancellations, rescheduling sessions or retaining unused sessions.

Custom team packages available upon request.


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