Why Us?

NorthStar Sports is the elite facility for Athlete Performance Training in Dutchess County NY, training the area’s elite professional, collegiate, high school, youth and former competitive athletes.  Our athlete performance concepts bring a unique level of focus, intensity and passion into training programs for all ages. We offer a proprietary training style which transcends the generic labels of ‘speed training’, ‘strength training’, ‘plyo-metrics’, ‘resistance’ or ‘sport specific training’.  We work to combine all of the essential elements of elevating athletic performance into a PERFORMANCE TRAINING program that will help you not just reach, but surpass the goals you have set for yourself. For more information call 845-462-2434 or send us an email.



  • Over 30 years combined experience in sports and fitness training
  • Individualized programs and instruction by nationally certified trainers and professional athletes
  • Individually designed small group sessions held within our state of the art facility
  • 5 types of private training to address your training needs with the deepest focus on YOU
  • Sports medicine and orthopedic professional approved program protocols and design
  • Very affordable membership options and team group discount rates
  • Fully loaded. locally sourced nutritional center
  • The True Athlete’s Barber Shop (Sam’s Barbershop)
  • Nike TEAM facility with access to 100% custom order, exclusive Nike Sneakers, Gear and Accessories. 


  • Positive, professional training environment that teaches healthy training habits and promotes self confidence
  • Enhanced athletic performance achieved through personalized training programs and attention
  • Ability of athletes to train year round during their pre-season, competition and post-season periods
  • Individually designed small group sessions held within our state of the art facilities. 

For Info call: 845-462-2434 or  Contact Us

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